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Criminal Law

Criminal LawCriminal Attorneys at the Law Offices of Bita Hamidi have experience in handling criminal cases in Southern California . If you or someone you know has been charged in Southern California with a criminal offense whether a misdemeanor or felony, we can help.

Please note that being convicted of a crime may affect your immigration status if you are not a United States Citizen making it even more important to hire an experienced attorney to represent you.

California DUI Defense

DUI charges are the most common criminal charges filed against individuals in the State of California (not including simple traffic tickets, which are technically "criminal" violations). Even for a first offense, the penalties can be serious-including license suspension, fines of almost $2,000, mandatory attendance at State or DMV Approved alcohol programs, and potential jail time. In addition, a DUI conviction stays on your DMV record for at least 7 years, and may result in higher insurance premiums. Furthermore, you may become ineligible for credit, and even lose your employment. If you have prior convictions, stopped for speeding, or had an accident while driving under the influence, the penalties may be far worse.